Anonymous Targets Wall Street

Posted by - Monday, March 4th, 2013

The U.S. government may allow bankers to get away with corruption and treason.

The Department of Justice may choose to look the other way when HSBC launders money for terrorists, or when major banks manipulate Libor.

But Anonymous won't.

The hacktivist group's newest mission is called “Operation Wall Street.” It announced its targets on its website last Thursday:

It is obvious that the DoJ and other government entities such as the SEC think that it is more important for them to regulate freedom of speech and information rather than to regulate the blatant organized crimes of the financial market. They persecute people like us, Occupy, and Arron Swartz instead of the Bankers and Wall Street executives and CEOs who have robbed Americans of their hard earned tax dollars.

Anonymous has been targeting these higher-ups since the death of Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit, who committed suicide during an investigation into his illegal downloads of JSTOR articles. The hacktivist group claims Swartz as one of their own and believes these investigations were the cause of his death.

Since then the group has hacked into the Federal Reserve, releasing the personal information of over 4,000 bank executives. It publicized 14 gigabytes of information on an alleged Bank of America scandal, providing proof that the company was spying on certain citizens including Anonymous members.

And starting Saturday, the group began releasing data on Wall Street CEOs and other executives. The 4.6 gigabytes of information included personal data and was made public on the group's Twitter, AnonymousIRC.

Anonymous is known for this sort of vigilante justice. In the past the group has targeted rapists and the Westboro Baptist Church among other groups. But it is also known for publicizing private, personal information.

It appears that its campaign against Wall Street will continue. The group demands, “The guilty must pay.” And it is unclear just how far this will go.


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