Bankers Stealing Our Wealth And Our Sovereignty

Posted by Wealth Wire - Friday, August 17th, 2012

One of the difficulties in attempting to cover developments in the global economy is that often there are flurries of news items which emerge at any one time, making it impossible to deal with all these events as they occur. So it is with respect to an announcement by the European Central Bank on July 20th that Greek government bonds would no longer be “eligible as collateral.”

There are many interesting points for analysis here. To begin with, we see yet another example of these con-men using a slippery euphemism to hide the fact that that their paper Empire of Fraud is collapsing all around us. But there are also many nuances to this announcement, and as we know, when it comes to the mainstream media “nuance” is a non sequitur.

To place this announcement into some context, it’s first worth noting that this is the second time this year that the bankers have “suspended eligibility” of Greece’s bonds, with the last time being literally days before it defaulted on 75% of that debt. With that additional background, we now can fully understand what the ECB actually meant with its euphemism: Greek bonds are worthless.

In turn, this directly implies an even more dire reality: Greece has been declared bankrupt (for the second time in six months). Understand that there is only one small-but-significant step which separates an “insolvent debtor” from a “bankrupt debtor”. While bankruptcy is often inevitable for insolvent debtors, what makes such debtors merely insolvent is that creditors will still continue to extend them additional credit.

Conversely, once the debtor is cut off credit (and unable to pay its bills) then bankruptcy is instantaneous/automatic. Thus we have a cabal of private bankers simply decreeing that all Greek bonds are worthless and (as an inevitable consequence) Greece as a nation is bankrupt. Am I the only person who sees a problem with this?

Once upon a time, Western nations (and their peoples) enjoyed a concept called “sovereignty.” By no coincidence, we enjoyed our sovereignty during a period of history when we practiced a concept known as “the gold standard.” With any nation practicing a gold standard, no cabal of foreign bankers can simply decree that a nation’s bonds were worthless – because they would be backed by gold – and thus no cabal of foreign bankers could decree that your nation was bankrupt.

In other words, yet another of the many benefits provided by a gold standard is economic sovereignty. With it, economic sovereignty is assured. Without it, we are at the mercy of a crooked Banking Oligarchy which has committed more fraud (by dollar value) just in the last decade than all the fraud by all the rest of humanity throughout all of human history, combined. But this is merely a tangent to an even more interesting aspect to this story.

At the same time that Western bankers are in the process of re-elevating gold to its rightful status as the ultimate monetary asset, they have been forced to steadily demote and devalue various forms of their own (fraudulent) paper. Obviously with any con-men running a scam, maintaining confidence in the scam is of supreme importance – hence the original term: “confidence men.”

Thus the absolute last thing which the banking crime syndicate wants to do is to erode confidence in the very paper instruments which they use to commit their serial acts of mega-fraud, such as the $350 trillion LIBOR-fraud. So why are they doing this? The phrase “rats deserting a sinking ship” captures this dynamic quite nicely.

The banksters are decreeing that some of their paper is already worthless/near-worthless as an act of final desperation: acknowledging the worthlessness of some of this paper in order to avoid having the Sheep collectively realize that all of their paper is totally worthless.

As I have established in my previous commentaries (using elementary logic and arithmetic), every day with their own words and deeds it is the bankers themselves who imply that all the paper they are flogging is worthless. When they literally give it away by the $trillion to other bankers (with their 0% interest rates); this directly implies their paper is worthless. When they place bets in their own casino which exceed twenty times the size of the entire global economy, this directly implies that the bankers are playing with play-money.

But they don’t want us to realize that all their paper is worthless, that the Emperor is wearing no clothes – because then all that paper and their entire Empire of Fraud simply disappears. This ultimately leads us back to the beginning: what caused these bankers to decree that Greek bonds were worthless, and that Greece was (effectively) bankrupt back on July 20th?

Obviously we did not see another Greek bond-default within days of this announcement. In the case of the declaration the ECB made that Greek bonds were worthless back on February 28th of this year, it was doing no more than confirming the obvious, as was demonstrated by the subsequent, near-total default on Greek debt.

Here there has been no actual default event to validate the decree of the ECB cabal. In other words, here we have bankers playing politics – hardball-politics to be precise. Why is the ECB engaged in what is clearly an act of economic blackmail? Why is the ECB (and the banking cabal as a whole) willing to risk drawing attention to the worthlessness of all their paper by decreeing yet again that some of it is worthless?

As has been previously established, we have ceded our economic sovereignty to this crooked Banking Oligarchy when our ancestors foolishly handed our own (sovereign) printing presses to this crime syndicate. Their bonds of debt equate precisely to chains of slavery. Thus when Greece simply lit a match to 75% of those bonds it amounted to a mini-Slave Revolt. If all the Slaves burn all the bonds then they are no longer Slaves.

So we see the ECB, the particular Slave Master entrusted with the control of Greece telling Greece’s sovereign government that if it does not do everything that the Banking Oligarchy tells it to do that they will destroy its economy – again. And apparently I’m one of the few (non-serfs) remaining in our Western democracies(?) who is troubled by a known crime syndicate dictating economic policy to our governments in ever more explicit terms, and engaging in acts of extreme economic blackmail and sabotage in order to assert their control over their Slaves.

For those who like being Slaves, and who want to elevate a banking crime syndicate to the Throne as your Lords and Masters; you have two obvious choices before you: the global banking-crime capitals known by the acronyms “US” and “UK”. For those of us who don’t want to live out our lives as the bankers’ slaves, there are several necessary steps in any progression back to economic freedom:

1) First we must elect an honest government in whatever nation we dwell. None of the banker-serving Thralls in charge of any Western economy today has shown the slightest inclination toward reasserting their own economic sovereignty (outside of Iceland). Thus political change must be at the top of the list. This is a major problem for Americans, since it’s only “Opposition Party” serves the bankers even more loyally than the current government.

2) We must take back our own, sovereign printing-presses, and thus revoke the banksters’ License to Steal.

3) We must re-establish a gold standard as quickly as possible. Often referred to as the Golden Handcuffs; a gold standard makes much/most of the financial crime being committed today impossible – just one of the reasons for the bankers’ pathological hatred of gold.

Obviously these steps would be nothing more than a beginning when it comes to actually fixing our economies. However, the three steps above can be thought of as a “financial tourniquet”, to prevent these Vampires from bleeding-off any more wealth through their serial fraud/theft. Once we have administered this financial First Aid, then it will be possible to tackle some of the other formidable challenges still ahead.

 *Post courtesy of Jeff Nielson at Bullion Bulls Canada.


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