Violence Toward Protesters Part of Police Training

Posted by - Monday, November 21st, 2011

Violence is erupting all over the U.S. Occupy protests—but it’s not the protestors that are the problem.

While protestors sit peacefully yet obstinately, police officers have been resorting quickly to violence to remove the protestors from their chosen locations.

According to some interviewed by RT following an incident at the University of California Davis campus, this type of action is “part of the academy drill.”

Last Friday at the University of California Davis, a police officer pepper sprayed a line of students sitting in peaceful protest on their campus quad.

Among the students was sophomore Shannon Giammichele, who suffered an asthma attack as a result of the incident and had to be rushed to the hospital. Two of the officers involved in the incident are on leave as a result.

But that doesn’t stop the larger problem...

As Peter Moskos, a former police officer, said in Washington Monthly, it’s all part of the training:

“Some people, perhaps those who design training programs, think policing should be a hands-off job.  It can’t be and shouldn’t be. And trying to make policing too hands-off means people get Tased and maced for non-compliance. It’s not right. But this is the way many police are trained.”

As seen in the video below, police forces all over the country have been violently handling protestors. Some have claimed that the local police forces have been working in concert with federal agencies to remove them. 

Footage of the UC Davis pepper spray incident can be seen below.


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