Wake-up Call for Protesters: Play Time is Over, Work Hard or Watch Society Collapse

Posted by - Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Bill Whittle says today's youth is plagued by a disease. That disease is entitlement.

As the United States climbed into a state of unprecedented prosperity through the hard-work of past generations, Whittle says the children of prosperity have become lazy because they never had to work hard for shelter, food, technology, and their designer clothes and exotic vacations.

Now that college graduates are leaving their parents' homes, they're unprepared for the cut-throat ways of the real world. Education alone doesn't guarantee you a six-figure job, a suburbia mansion, and a luxury car...

But many college graduates can't understand why they're struggling to live the lives they've always lived and re-pay their student loans at the same time; especially without a job.

Now, they blame Wall Street, big corporations, and the one-percenters because all their dreams haven't come true while the most competitive Americans are still living lives of luxury. They (the protesters) also lived the good life their entire lives without having to sacrifice much on their own behalves. Now, that simply won't cut it. Especially not in the recession we're living in today.

Whittle explains how his “three and a half days” method  would teach this generation some gratitude, perspective, and a legitimately self-sustaining work ethic.

In a unique “education system” proposal, Whittle wants these disgruntled people to be shoved face-first into the sometimes “ugly, bloody, and horrible” reality that must be delved into in order to survive.

To a generation that has been unhealthily sheltered from the unpleasant side of reality, it's difficult to understand that some of the “evil” things corporations do is what keeps society thriving and keeps prosperity coming flowing through our nation.

Take a look at what Whittle would include as a form of real “education” to make them understand. Whittle believes this "three and a half day" method could insure the survival of our civilization:


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