LED Lights: Invading Your Mind

Posted by Mike Tirone - Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Science fiction films have been influencing our lives for decades. Movies about flying cars and teleportation are all well and good, but what happens when some of this “futuristic” science makes it to our daily schedules? Are we prepared for it?

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On your own, without outside influence.

But what if you didn't even have the chance to make a decision, it was already determined for you? How could you protect your wealth?

NASA and George C. Brainard, one of the leading researchers in the field of neurology, are working together on greater control over a person's environment through LED (light-emitting diodes) lights. These LEDs are semiconductors that can be programmed to emit light at precise wavelengths, colors and tones while traditional light bulbs only produce light with hot gases or wires.

“Light has these biological and behavior effects – why not build on it?” Brainard says.

What Brainard and NASA are building is a fascinating – yet scary-- thing. They are working on using these LEDs to allow astronauts to better adjust to phenomena such as 90-minute long “days” that they experience while orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station, resulting in incredibly volatile circadian rhythms or sleep patterns based around a 24-hour cycle. The connection between light and physiological behavior is very closely linked and are being further explored to exploit people's abilities to make decisions and invade on their personal freedoms.

“An LED is a light source, but it is an infinitely controllable source,” said Zach Gentry, an executive at enLighted, a company that combines LEDs with temperature, light and occupancy sensors to produce a device that monitors energy consumption and physical activity in office buildings. EnLighted just raised $14 million in capital.

Researchers in Japan have experimented with LED traffic lights and car taillights that emit photons in pulses like optical fibers that serve up data about traffic conditions and potential accidents.

Several upscale retailers have installed LEDs to enhance their products such as jewelry cases, making the items sparkle and become even more attractive mentally to the consumer.

The sandwich chain, Subway, has installed LED lights to enhance the appearance of their sandwiches but to also create a larger appetite for their sandwich toppings.

Even some companies are using the lights to “make people look good” with differing color perspectives.

LED lights

With these LEDs, low levels of blue light are emitted natively, while adjusting the phosphors of these lights can create significant physiological effects, some to effect the way your mind makes decisions.

Subliminal messaging has been in advertising for years now, but with this new light technology, it looks as personal liberties may be in check as more companies look to use “mind control” over their consumers and people.

They transmit light, effect our moods, now they can track us?

Not only is this new light technology potentially influencing on our ability to make decisions but will also be tracking you as well.

 Redwood Systems, another Silicon Valley start-up, and enLighted are combining LEDs with temperature and occupancy sensors to help retailers determine whether consumers stop at certain aisles and whether check-out lines are growing shorter or longer.

Your daily movements, decisions, routines, personality, and even your personal computer will soon all be tracked by these lights. New ceiling LED lights are already sending coded Internet data to their computers below in Minnesota and transmitting Wi-Fi wavelengths which could potentially track computer history and data.

The days are now upon us where you must protect yourself against any potential threat on your liberties and wealth. Cyber-attacking is becoming more rampant and if the economic crisis begins to take shape, more people will stray away from stealing your gold chain around your neck (or in your front yard) to stealing your identity and tracking your whereabouts.

*Idented excerpts from New York Times


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