Apocalypse-Ready Porn Bunker Makes Debut

Posted by Wealth Wire - Thursday, September 15th, 2011

As 2012 inches closer everyday, one adult entertainment company is getting ready...with some adult-only amenities.

In this post-apocalyptic bunker you may enjoy the basic goods required for survival in addition to extensive luxury and a little, shall we say, extra special attention.

In addition to the basic necessities – food, water, emergency kits, etc. – Pink Visual (the company) is in the process of building a vast underground bunker focusing on adult entertainment. The location has not been disclosed for security purposes.

In it, one can expect to find several fully stocked bars and a super-sized performing stage. This dancing stage will be equipped with a rotating hydraulic platform and an “emergency pole” with a VIP room not far away. And, obviously, the bunker wouldn't be complete without a “private fertility chamber” to ensure the human population doesn't go extinct, of course.

They truly thought of everything, didn't they?

Here's what spokesperson, Quentin Boyer, from Pink Visual had to say about their vision:

Our goal is nothing less than to survive the apocalypse in comfort and luxury, whether that catstrophe takes the form of fireballs flung Earthward by an all-seeing deity, extended torrential rainfall, Biblical rapture, an earthquake-driven mega tsunami, radioactive flesh-eating zombies or some combination of the above,” said Pink Visual spokesperson Quentin Boyer.

Curious as to who will have privy to these extra amenities and adult-friendly activities in the bunker? Originally it was designed to be set-up like a big, never-ending staff party; with the company only inviting friends and family of performers and staff members.

After some thought, Pink Visual decided to extend the invitation to some loyal customers and a few other randoms that might be somehow beneficial to have around after the end-of-the-world. It will have the capacity to hold 1,200-1,500 individuals.

The selection process is still being tweaked at the moment. However, the company has said that active site members and Twitter followers have the upper-hand in getting a spot in the Pink Visual bunker. In terms of the general public, they did indicate that they will be more acceptive of people in some practical professions, like medical experts and technical engineers.

And just because you have a lot of money, doesn't mean you'll get a spot if you want one. Mr. Boyer doesn't expect that money will have much value at all after the Apocalypse hits...It'll be a whole new world down there.

Take a look at the blueprint to get a better idea of what it will look like:


*Indented excerpts from CNBC.


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