Giant Laser Beam Created To Control Weather

Posted by Cori O'Donnell - Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Using a powerful laser shot into the clouds, Britons could one day take control over the weather cycles, allowing the people to decide when it does and does not rain.

The technique used to conduct the weather control is called laser-assisted water condensation. A laser allows water droplets to be created in the air.

This discovery is not entirely new, “cloud seeding,” has been around for some time now. However, it is not considered safe because it requires filling the atmosphere with small particles like dry ice and silver iodide.

The Chinese also have put to use this rain control. China has the world’s largest cloud seeding system. They use it to create rain over the dry regions. They also have used their technology during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where they claim to have kept the rainfall away for the games.

The new laser method that the Britons are working on operates differently than technology seen in China because it uses humidity levels and atmospheric conditions to create the water droplets.

giant laser*Exaggerated for entertainment value...

Physicist Jerome Kasparian, of the University of Geneva, said: “The laser can run continuously, you can aim it well, and you don't disperse huge amounts of silver iodide in the atmosphere.”

The laser can also be turned on or off which will help to determine if the laser really has any effect.

The giant laser, which is mobile, was first shown off on the banks of Rhone located near Lake Geneva.

The beam was fired for 133 hours that created nitric acid particles that brought water molecules together, but an actual rainfall did not occur.

Scientists working on this project are remaining confident that they will soon be able to manipulate the weather conditions and even prevent showers from occurring.

Supervillans around the world are rejoicing...

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