Jim Rogers: Investing in Agriculture Will Make You Rich

Posted by - Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Jim Rogers, one of the most respected investors in the world, is betting strongly on agriculture. With inflation on the brink of exploding, basic necessities are going to be more like luxuries.

Rogers believes that spikes in food prices will eventually result in increased national and international rioting, and he sees this happening more quickly than any of us had anticipated.

On this premise, he is confident that he will make more money in agriculture than many of the other investment options.

Although agriculture prices are, historically, pretty depressed, Rogers isn't shying away from it in the least. In fact, he says it is inevitable that food prices will rise -- they simply have to if you look at it from a logical perspective. 

"It will slow growth but some people are going to benefit -- Brazil's booming, Canada's booming, Australia's booming, you're going to see some people benefit and some people suffer, that's the way the world works."

Rogers says it’s inevitable that food prices will rise, if for no reason other than that higher prices will attract more people to farming in developed nations such the U.S. and Japan, where the average age of those in the industry is 58 and 66 respectively.

"Prices have to go a lot higher to attract capital and labor and management into agriculture or we won't have any food -- all the farmers are going to die, and then what are we going to do?" Rogers asks.

It's hard to imagine something as simple as food to be as appealing to investors as the allure of gold, but in these tough times, it doesn't seem all that far-fetched anymore.

Afterall, you can't sustain a nation with gold bars. 

Rogers is absolutely on to something here...

*Indented excerpts from Moneynews.com.


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