$4 Million to House 12 People?

Posted by - Monday, September 12th, 2011

“If this isn't the definition of waste, I don't know what is,” said Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Fitton is referencing what Bethesda, MD is doing in order to create housing for their homeless. Now, don't get us wrong, housing projects are all well and good...until you look at this particular project's price tag.

The city of Bethesday is about to spend $4 million – $3 million from the taxpayers' money and $1 million from the government's stimulus rations – to house only 12 people in one facility. That comes out to $330,00 per person; nearly twice as much as the average-median price of a single-family American home.

Many critics can't seem to justify this project as being an efficient endeavor; especially since this project is unlikely to create any jobs and, therefore, arguably unworthy of the government's stimulus money.

Skeptical Americans wonder how prevalent this kind of money-wasting trend is in other cities throughout the nation; especially at a time when America clearly can't afford to waste more money that it doesn't have...

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton reports with Gretchen Carlson from FOXNEWS on the situation at hand in the video below:



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