Apple's iPhone War with Google is Just Beginning

Posted by Ian Cooper - Friday, January 14th, 2011

From Business Insider:

"In reality, we haven't actually seen a real competition between the iPhone and Android yet. Not within the major carriers, at least. (Carriers are still by far the most important phone distributors in the U.S.)

That is going to change now that Verizon will start selling the iPhone next month, and now that AT&T is going to start offering more Android devices. And by the end of the year, we will have a much better sense of which phones people like better -- at both major carriers.

As of late 2010, the iPhone was the major platform at AT&T, representing 63% of its smartphone customers. At Verizon, Android and RIM basically split the pie.

We'll see where these numbers are in another year. Will Verizon users flock to Apple's iPhone? Or will Android's wide variety of different devices win the market? And what happens to RIM?"

Read more here (with charts).



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