Apple Sues Samsung for 'Copying' iPad, iPhone

Posted by Adam Sharp - Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

War of the new leaders in smart devices, round 1

The new leaders in mobile and smart devices are gearing up for a big, long fight over market share.

Apple fired a salvo at Samsung today in court, suing over similarities between Samsung's Galaxy Tablet and Phone and Apple's products.

What makes the situation really interesting is how the companies rely on each other for various hardware and services.

Samsung builds chips used in the iPad. Google owns the operating system that Samsung's products run on. Apple products rely on Google for Youtube,  Maps, and Gmail on their devices.

They're co-dependent. But smart devices a big, big market. It's why Apple has become the one of the world's largest corporations.

And it's getting bigger. So the claws are coming out.

Samsung, Apple, Google, HTC, RIM, and Nokia. All scrapping it out in court. The lawyers must be salivating over the possibilities.

More from Bloomberg:

"Apple Inc. sued Samsung Electronics Co. alleging that the electronics maker’s Galaxy phones and tablet computers infringe patents and the trademarked look of the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung is infringing patents related to the way the Galaxy devices operate, including the use of hand gestures on the screen, as well as patents on the color and rectangular shape of the iPhone and iPad, Apple said in a complaint filed April 15 in federal court in Oakland, California. The Galaxy phones and tablet, which use Google Inc.’s Android software, were specifically designed to copy Apple products, Apple said.

The lawsuit pits the two largest makers of tablet computers against each other amid the surge in demand for the product, which Apple has said will eventually surpass personal computers in sales."


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