How You Should Have Been Trading Energy

Posted by Ian Cooper - Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

From Wealth Daily:

What I find infuriating in the financial newsletter business is that not many editors (excluding us) are willing to post their actual track records... Are they hiding something?  Are there really too many losses, as they try to parade the best parts of a portfolio in front of you?  Or, are they hoping their "portfolio spin" is enough to coerce you into subscribing?

Here at Wealth Daily, we don't play those games.  In fact, here's our actual Pure Asset Trader portfolio since I took the reins in November 2007.  Enjoy.  This includes ALL losses and ALL winners.  Nothing has been excluded.  We're laying it all on the line.  And if you think this is impressive, just wait for our newest trades, and for our gangbuster 2011.  Here's more on how to join us.




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