Art Cashin Goes Ballistic on Ben Bernanke

Posted by Ian Cooper - Friday, January 7th, 2011

Good old Ben Bernanke... 

From Zero Hedge:

"Art Cashin, who lately looks like he is coping with the market's lunacy in a very liquid fashion, pulled a Rosie and basically went medieval on Ben Bernanke and the chairman's now infamous explanation that interest rates are up because they are really down courtesy of Richard Feynman and quantum chromodynamics, in some parallel universe in which QE2 is actually working. In a nutshell, the most famous face on the NYSE has offered to sell the Princetonian a piece of very valuable East River real estate in exchange for agreeing with the BS that the FOMC's committee is dishing out now on an almost daily basis."

It's worth a good laugh.  Read more here.


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