Bernanke and Fed Foe Ron Paul Unexpectedly Breakfast Together

Posted by - Friday, May 11th, 2012

Wednesday morning, Ron Raul shared breakfast with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Mr. Paul indicated that the decision to meet up was mutual but declined to comment on too many specifics of the unexpected meeting.

It appears that even enemies can willingly come together if it's over a hot mug of freshly-brewed-java, perfectly prepared Eggs-Benedict...

But, was a "return to gold standard" on Wednesday's menu?

The “off the record” meal conversation has piqued the interst of politics, economic experts, and, of course, anyone associated with media. Considering how little the two men have in common – Ron Paul drafted a bill to completely eliminate the central bank last year while Ben Bernanke is ultimately in charge of that central bank . Not a likely duo at all, but a breakfast of champions nonetheless: one championing the gold standard and one championing to keep our money printing press hot!

In a time of economic panic amidst an array of flaws plaguing the structure of our financial system, Ron Paul has repeatedly preached his message to the masses, advocating for a return to a gold standard. Meanwhile, Bernanke recently spent a large portion of a University lecture attempting to prove Mr. Paul's gold standard theory rather unpractical. In a March, Mr. Bernanke spoke at George Washington University to shed some light on the flaws associated with a financial system “in which the dollar is valued at a fixed price per unit of gold.”

While the content of conversation may remain a mystery forever, that doesn't stop outsiders from speculating on what in the world this odd couple may be up to...

Anxious reporters seeking answers got a brief chance to talk to Ron Paul. In Paul's ever-charming, light-hearted-sophisticated-sense-of-humor-way, Mr. Paul jokingly told those reporters that Bernanke's all for the gold standard now!

All joking aside, we know Paul can be a pretty persuasive guy. Who knows what problems and solutions these two men discussed in privacy. The real question is, what will the Fed do next?


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