Occupy Wall Street: Things are Really Getting Ridiculous...

Posted by - Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Many questions remain about this unique group of protesters: who exactly are they and what exactly do they want?

From homeless individuals and addicts looking for free food to bored children of some of America's wealthiest parents...it's hard to get a good grasp on what this group's goals really are.

According to Jon Corzine, ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, the Occupy Wall Street movement was mostly championed by middle-class Americans living with a lot of anxiety in response to the tough times we're living in.

Dissatisfied with the government's role in their lives, the Occupy Wall Street protesters began marching the streets in major cities, camping outside big banks, demanding reform to some financial policies and wanting to get rid of all the "crooks and thieves" within Wall Street.

Image courtsey of The Bellingham Herald.

But things get messy when you look at the specific requests of these protesters. The demands seem ambiguous and extremely idealistic as the group is rather unorganized, young, and somewhat uneducated (at least when it comes to financial matters).

People hold signs saying that if you make under $250K per year, than you should be on their side. Meanwhile, students from nearby private college campuses are skipping class to “protest.”

Some of these students are standing in $300 designer jeans with parents who are part of the 'one per centers.' It's actually quite surprising (and somehow contradictory to the message of the movement) how many of the students protesting are trust-fund kids...

As these camp-out sites have turned into venues for free food, drugs, and hook-ups, serious organizers are upset. Grown men have been going a week strong without showering, young men have nearly died from overdosing, and some lovebirds have no qualms about getting down and dirty on the public streets.

It's starting to sound more like a 1960s-hippie-festival than a political protest:

Many of the newcomers to the tent city are attracted by the donated freebies - pizza, sandwiches, fruit and bins of sweaters, pants, boots and underwear. There are also handout comforters for anyone who wants 40 winks.

And with complimentary condoms on hand, a 1960s-style free love has begun to blossom. More than 400 participants spent the night Friday huddling and cuddling in Zuccotti Park.

None of which sits well with the movement’s leaders, who set up an internal police group to stop the boozing, pot smoking and hanky-panky.

But for those who are genuinely passionate about the movement, they're just going to have to deal. They plan to stick it out for the long-haul until they get what they want: the richest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, more jobs (aside from the 3.2 million that are currently unfilled), and “peace in the world and prosperity for all.”

You can see what else they have to say in this live blog...or watch the early show video to get an idea of what a day of protesting is really like (note: you can sign up for yoga classes in between protesting, sleeping, and eating!).


*Indented excerpts from news.com.au.


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