Voters Blame Obama for Economy Woes

Posted by - Friday, September 23rd, 2011

As the 2012 presidential election inches closer each day, it's a pivotal moment for Mr. Obama. Unfortunately, the economic turmoil is doing him a disservice. The most recent poll numbers aren't looking good.

Congress has the lowest approval rating in history, and the president's rating isn't that much better...

Polls show that, for the first time, a majority of Americans are actually blaming Obama for the economic problems in our country.

This news has come shortly after Republicans blamed Obama for the credit downgrade:

According to the Gallup, 53 percent of those polled place some blame on Obama. While more Americans believe former President George W. Bush is more highly responsible for the mess we're in, 24 percent say that they attribute “a great deal of blame" to Obama. The additional 29 percent place at least “some blame” on the president.

Meanwhile, a whopping 69 percent of American citizens still say George W. Bush bears the most blame.

Heading into 2012, Obama has repeatedly argued that he inherited the struggling economy, pointing the finger back at Bush's policies. But the Gallup poll finds Americans less and less willing to get him the benefit of the doubt--doubtless a worrying sign for the strategists spearheading the president's re-election efforts.

Among the most skeptical: self-described independent voters, who are sure to be a critical constituency in next year's presidential election. Sixty percent of independent voters say Obama bears the blame for the dismal economy—a 32 point increase since Gallup first posed the question in July 2009.

*Indented excerpts from Yahoo News.


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