Jimmy Mengel

Jimmy Mengel is the managing editor of Wealth Wire, where he's brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news each and every day.

Born and raised in Baltimore, he studied Journalism and English at Towson University. His passion lies in government malfeasance, civil liberties, natural health and the area where politics and finance collide...

He's been a true outsider ever since working on a qualitative research project on the Patriot Act forced him to rethink everything he knew about personal liberties and freedom.

His writing has been featured on Wealth Wire, Health Wire, Green Chip Stocks, Seeking Alpha and Healthier Talk .

Mr. Mengel has also been featured in the Christian Science Monitor regarding congressional food safety law.

When he is not avidly scouring the net for the best underground financial news, you can catch him trying to balance his own finances and investments while planning a prosperous future for his two young sons.

You can follow him on Twitter @Mengeled.

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