Brittany Stepniak

Born in Upstate New York, Brittany Stepniak spent most of her life in Southwest and Central Virginia, where she attended Roanoke College.

Working on various research projects with a diverse group of professors, doctors, and scholars from various regions of the world, she studied the inner workings of everything from literature, humanities, religion, psychology, biology, and neurology to understand how those aspects blend together to mold the trends of modern day society.

Her unique experiences have given her an in-depth understanding of "the big picture," and her current focus lies in the examination of financial trends within the global economy and the related socioeconomic impacts of politics and legislation.

Her published works include a variety of magazine articles, blogs (relating to finance, science, technology, energy, politics, and health), scholarly Shakespeare research, and poetry.

Her education, publishing experience, and financial interests led her to Baltimore to work as an editor for Wealth Wire. Brittany reports on the most up-to-date precious metals research, oil developments, economic predictions, and stock market volatility.

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