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Silver Manipulation: Just the Tip of the Iceberg - 2013-10-28
The time is nigh. A silver default is coming... are you prepared?

Gold Flat, Silver Jumps as Fed & Physical Demand "Back in Focus" Post-Shutdown - 2013-10-22
Gold: "a bullish engulfing pattern"...

"Disappointing" Gold Hits 3-Month Low as US Finds Short-Term Fix for Debt Limit - 2013-10-15
Gold is trapped is currently trapped in a bearish trend... but not for long...

The Fed, Gold & Jobs - 2013-10-04
How Labor Force Participation tells a different story about gold from the headline data...

The Silver Lie & the Evil QE Machine - 2013-10-04
The manipulated and hidden valuations of silver and gold can't be kept in the dark forever... and when they do come to the light, they'll explode in the blink of an eye.

Legends of Gold and Silver - 2013-10-01
The biggest precious metals experts in the world share their ideal trades.

Chinese Housewives vs. Goldman Sachs: No Contest - 2013-09-24
Goldman Sachs is once again predicting that gold will fall, setting a new near-term target of $1,050.

Precious Metals "Back to Status Quo" After Fed Surprise, Say Analysts - 2013-09-23
BOTH the price of gold and silver recovered early losses Monday morning in London, regaining a 1% and 2% drop respectively as world stock markets slipped with commodities.

SILVER: The Best Performing Asset Since Lehman - 2013-09-17
Fearful that the precious metals bull market is over? Take a look at these charts for a satisfactory confidence boost.

Gold Drops as Assad Accepts Russian Plan, Analysts Start Pricing Fed's Cut to QE - 2013-09-10
"Given out outlook of a further rebound in global growth we view silver and PGMs as the likely out-performers."

Gold "Dull & Thin" as Spec's Cut Shorts But Analysts Expect Post-Fed Losses - 2013-09-09
Now is the time to start considering the impacts of any tapering of the Fed's QE program.

Shanghai Exchange Silver Drain Continues While JP Morgan Makes Large Transfer - 2013-09-09
On April 12th, there were 1,123 tonnes of silver at the Shanghai Exchange. By Aug. 9th, this had fallen to only 509 tonnes -- a 55% decline in less than four months...

Good News, Gold Bugs (Bad News, World) - 2013-09-06
The silver lining of the Syrian debate and good news for gold bugs.

Massive Debt Levels Will Push Silver to $150 and Beyond - 2013-09-06
The process of the devaluation of gold and silver, started by the demonetization of gold and silver, is about to reverse at a greater speed than ever before.

India's Scrap Gold Sales Jump on "Liquidity Crisis" as US Policy Splits G20 Summit - 2013-09-05
"There is a liquidity crisis and people are selling and putting the money in the bank. There is a huge amount of scrap supply coming into the market."

Gold Touches $1400 as "High Syria Risks" Meet "Price-Sensitive" Asian Demand - 2013-09-03
Gold prices spike on news that "objects" have been fired in the Mediterranean, towards the sea's eastern coast.

Using Gold to Forecast Silver's Final Blow-Off Rally - 2013-09-03
There's an indication that we are at or close to the period for a 1979/1980 style rally in silver...

Historic Transfer of Wealth into Gold & Silver - 2013-09-03
Profit from Wall Street's struggle. How to make extraordinary profits from this decade's precious metals bull market.

Make a Fortune on Other People's Rare Coins - 2013-08-30
You don't have to be an auctioneer, a rare coin dealer, or even a flea market junkie to collect regular profits off of interesting, rare and valuable collections...

Pad Your Portfolio with a Gold IRA - 2013-08-26
Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones post-retirement...

SILVER EAGLES: The Investors Premium Choice - 2013-08-21
Did you know investors are purchasing silver as a premium investment over gold? Here's why:

Silver To Rally Due To Coming Dow Crash - 2013-08-21
Dow set to drop violently with an equal and opposite forceful rise in gold and silver occurring at about the same time.

Peak Gold - 2013-08-21
In the mining business, it is said that grade is king...

Silver's 13% Jump "Confirms" Recovery in Gold - 2013-08-19
Money is the primary tool of today's interventionists. They will play with it until they break it.

GET READY: The Great Transfer of Wealth in Gold & Silver is Coming - 2013-08-19
Economy is collapsing. Are you prepared?

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