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Irish Disaster: Crisis flares as investors dump bonds - 2010-11-10
"The country soon could join Greece in seeking an EU bailout..."

Gold Standard: Why it Won't Work - 2010-11-10
It "would just make business cycles more extreme..."

Will You Be Able To Heat Your Home This Winter? - 2010-11-10
The number of those struggling to make ends meet in this economy is rising everyday, and now the largest number of Americans in history will not be able to heat their homes this winter.

Ben Bernanke Has Lost All Credibility... - 2010-11-10
There are two possible explanations for Mr. Bernanke's mis-statement...

China to Overtake US Economy Within Two Years - 2010-11-10
No one should be surprised, but according to a highly respected economic research association, China will surpass the US economy within the next two years. Take a look at the details and the projections.

Home Price Decline to be Worse than Great Depression - 2010-11-10
Declines signal that we're in for a bleak winter of troubles...

Why Your Toilet Paper is Shrinking - 2010-11-09
Your ice cream and OJ containers have shrunk, too...

QE2 Impact on the Bottom 80% - 2010-11-09
The second round of quantitative easing (QE2), is going to have a significant effect on America's bottom 80%. The results of the implementation are disturbing.

On Alert: Market Fearing Credit Crunch 2.0 - 2010-11-09
According to the Bank of England's last Financial Stability Report, there is approximately $5trillion of refinancing to be done by major banks around the world over the next three years. We may have another global credit crunch coming our way.

This Could Spark the Next Global Crisis - 2010-11-09
There's a few ways this could happen, but a huge collapse is not out of the question. Here is the way we see a global crisis occurring.

Nonsense on Economics and the Dollar in the New York Times - 2010-11-09
On news of quantitative easing (QE) from the Fed, the global community is speaking out on how it will affect economies abroad.

Currency War Rages On: China Retaliates... - 2010-11-09
They're introducing new rules on currency provisioning...

Irish Woes: If you thought the bank bailout was bad... - 2010-11-09
The Irish Republic has quietly ceased to exist as an autonomous fiscal entity, and has become a ward of the European Central Bank. When mortgages defaults arrive, previous bank bailouts will look tame.

Fed Action Defended by India? - 2010-11-09
"A strong, robust, fast-growing United States is in the interests of the world," they say.

Obama acknowledges decline of US dominance - 2010-11-08
"This will keep America on its toes. America is going to have to compete," he says.

The China Powder Keg... - 2010-11-08
The Chinese government is looking for solutions to solve their wage problem with the growing middle and working class. The dangers, however, are obvious.

China, Russia Attack the Fed - 2010-11-08
The G20 summit is approaching quickly, but the chance to prevent global economic shut down is being over shadowed by the increase in money printed by the Fed.

What's Happening To America's Love Affair With Debt - 2010-11-08
According to the Fed, America's love affair with a high personal debt balance sheet is continuing to abate. These charts from the Fed show improvement, but sustained concern.

Agflation Alert: Hate to Say it, but I told you So... - 2010-11-08
As the Fed embraces another round of quantitative easing to combat global currency manipulation and devaluation, inflation and rising commodity prices loom in the not too distant future.

The Most Ignorant Remarks Ever Made by the Fed - 2010-11-08
"The most interesting part of the criticism is the debunking of the "wealth effect"

The Fed could go Bankrupt - 2010-11-08
"How risky is the Fed's program of bond purchases? Very."

Irony: JP Morgan Goes Long Real Estate on QE2 - 2010-11-08
"You'd have to have the market memory of a goldfish with a severe case of ADD to miss the irony..."

Jim Rogers Rips into Ben Bernanke - 2010-11-05
At a lecture at Oxford University, investor Jim Rodgers rips into Fed chairman Bernanke, and his policies on printing money.

German Policy Minister: US Policy is Clueless - 2010-11-05
"Pumping more money into the economy will not solve the country's problems..."

The Fed is Injecting High Grade Monetary Heroin into the System - 2010-11-05
Here is an absolutely must watch clip from David Stockman, director of the OMB under Ronald Reagan, in which he discusses the Fed and its policies aimed at appeasing Wall Street.

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