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Goldman's Take On Bernanke's Defense - 2010-11-19
Fed Chairman Bernanke delivers a strong defense of the Fed...

China and U.S. on Collision Course - 2010-11-19
Faber says that the U.S. and China are on a collision course and he sees 10% real inflation in China in the future. Check out the rest of his predictions.

It's Official: Bernanke Really Has Lost his Mind - 2010-11-19
"If Bernanke was trying to spook the markets, provoke China, cause a currency war, and get Congress to launch an extremely foolish set of tariffs, he would have been hard pressed to deliver a more powerful speech."

This Could Easily dismantle the American Financial System - 2010-11-18
The "robo-signing" scandal at the heart of the current foreclosure crisis may be just the tip of a legal iceberg that threatens to destabilize the American financial system. If you thought the mortgage crisis was bad now, its going to get much worse.

Coming Irish Deal Bolsters Euro - 2010-11-18
Risk appetite is firming up on speculation. On the heels of the news of an emergency bailout package for Ireland, the euro rises. Here is a breakdown across currencies.

United Nations Fears New Food Crisis - 2010-11-18
The FAO painted a worrying outlook in its bi-annual Food Outlook on Wednesday, warning that the world should “be prepared” for even higher prices next year, putting the world "dangerously close" to a food shortage.

Bernanke Insanity: $600 Billion in Stimulus will Create 700,000 Jobs - 2010-11-18
Umm... That's $857k for each of those jobs... Apparently Ben thinks everyone in America should work at Goldman Sachs...

Three Risks as We Head into 2011 - 2010-11-18
Wells Fargo may be bullish heading into the end of the year, but they do see some risks developing

Did the Fed Just Say QE2 is a Bank Bailout? - 2010-11-18
The Fed clearly knows something Wall Street doesn't

The Fed Thinks You're Stupid - 2010-11-18
Consumer prices are going up... but there's no inflation

How to Save Ireland - 2010-11-17
"Such a proposal is not without a historical precedent"

Economist Springs the Bad News on our Liquidity Trap - 2010-11-17
The two short words that can evoke terror in the heart of any true Keynesian

World Gone Mad: Members of US Congress Get Richer as You Get Poorer - 2010-11-17
It should be surprising that more than half of all members of congress are millionaires. Why they are getting richer and you are getting poorer.

Herd Mentality Trading - 2010-11-17
We aren't so different from sheep. This home video explains a lot about human behavior, especially in the bubble laden markets.

Bush Era Tax Cuts: Talks are Delayed - 2010-11-17
And an accord may not be reached this year, they say

Charlie Gasparino: Lay off Bernanke - 2010-11-17
After the video of "the bears talkin' economics" and ripping Bernanke, went viral, Charles Gasparino is coming to the aid of the Fed chairman.

Merkel: Euro Zone not in Danger - 2010-11-17
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that the eurozone is not at risk for a widespread debt crisis, but warns that weaker countries must be more competitive.

A Friday Bombshell from China? - 2010-11-17
Expectations have been building for another interest rate increase before the end of the year, and many are betting on a "sensitive window" for the raise.

Obama's Halliburton: Owning this Stock is a No-Brainer - 2010-11-16
Owning stocks through the corruption and bribery of the current administration is as easy as meeting Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric Company (GE), the second largest company in the world.

2011 Banking Crisis Could Send Dow to 3,000 - 2010-11-16
We've long talked about the next crisis to engulf the major indices, but it's just now that others are starting to catch on. Could we see the DOW hit 3000? How one trader plans to trade it.

Ireland Warned: Take the Bailout or Trigger a Crisis - 2010-11-16
An increasingly isolated Irish government was coming under mounting pressure tonight to seek an EU or International Monetary Fund bailout within 24 hours.

Europe Fears That Debt Crisis Is Ready to Spread - 2010-11-16
Rescuing Ireland may no longer be enough, as fear of a European debt crisis reach Portugal, despite their reproach. This feels eerily like Greece.

The Real State of the Housing Market - 2010-11-16
A nightmare depiction of the sorry state of the U.S. housing market

Stay Away from GM IPO... for Now - 2010-11-16
As long as shareholders come second to political priorities, it's not worth the investment.

Prepare for a "Major Correction" - 2010-11-16
Money-manager extraordinaire John Hussman, says financial markets, which had soared for months until last week, are set for a major correction. His predictions are sobering.

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