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22 Very Painful Signs That Austerity is Already Here - 2011-01-19
For most, the answer to these financial problems is to impose austerity measures. Of course, people will never use the term, austerity measures, but that's exactly what they are...

Just 730 Days into his Presidency, Obama Wants to Change the Rules - 2011-01-18
Courtesy of CNBC, President Obama is changing his tune on several regulations inhibiting businesses from progressing. Why he suddenly wants to change the rule.

Charlie Gasparino Rips into Meredith Whitney - 2011-01-18
He demands that Whitney release her "gigantic report detailing why, exactly, she expects the market to crash this year"

African Food Riots Spread To Persian Gulf As Oman Is Next - 2011-01-18
"The catch 22 of rising food prices leading to reduced oil production, leading to even higher food prices will really get out of hand. Thank you Ben."

States Warn of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall - 2011-01-18
While there is news everyday about a new potential crisis, this one has been sitting right in front of for quite some time, but no one bothered to do anything about it. Why pensions shortfalls will be a major problem.

Coo Coo for Cocoa: Legitimize Corrupt President... Or Face Wipe Out - 2011-01-18
Has the world completely lost what ever is left of its mind?

Peter Schiff Slams Washington - 2011-01-17
Finally... some one sees things our way. Peter Schiff agrees that both DC and Wall Street are sucking "the underlying American dry like a parasite..."

See? The Fed Really has No Way to Reverse the Sharp Decline in House Prices - 2011-01-17
A slam dunk vocal critique of Ben Bernanke's monetary policy failures...

Chances are Good the China Bubble Will Soon Pop, say Hedge Funds - 2011-01-17
Then again, it's a hedge fund call... even China is dismissing some of it.

20 Shocking New Records That Were Set Just Last Year - 2011-01-14
For one, "The number of Americans on food stamps surpassed 43 million by the end of 2010. This was a new all-time record"

We Would Have Been Better Off Without the Fed... Here's Proof. - 2011-01-14
For one, "If the U.S. government had been issuing debt-free money all this time, the U.S. government could conceivably have a national debt of zero dollars"

We Will Eventually Go Bankrupt... It Happens to All Democracies - 2011-01-14
"The American democracy cannot prevent this bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the inevitable, inexorable end."

The US Could Easily Lose its AAA Status by Year End - 2011-01-14
Despite the majority of the chatter around congress dealing with the debt ceiling, the future of the U.S. credit rating seems very much in doubt. This chart says it all.

Bernanke Still Thinks QE2 was a Great Success... Maybe He's Just Dumb. - 2011-01-14
One disastrous policy after another... and he still sees nothing wrong

Be Prepared for the Food Price Shock - 2011-01-13
This should come as no surprise, though... well, maybe to Bernanke

There is a real risk of war in the Middle East - 2011-01-13
"2011 might see the most destructive such war for many years"

The New Crisis Headed our Way in Just 9 Years - 2011-01-13
"This will have a profound effect on economic growth, living standards, and the shape of the world order..."

Signs of Another Massive Market Bubble - 2011-01-13
"More and more we're seeing signs that the market is in a bubble that will have an ugly end..."

Are Worries about the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis Really Cooling? - 2011-01-13
The move helped reduce the chances that Portugal needs a bailout...

Greenland is the Next Rare Earth Metropolis... and it's not just Greenland Minerals that'll benefit - 2011-01-13
Chances are you're missing out on the one Greenland play up more than 150% already

The Wile E. Coyote Market In 18 Easy Charts - 2011-01-12
It's not as rosy as the markets think... In fact "we would argue that there are more headwinds, potholes, and event risks this year than there were last year. Enjoy the picture show."

Even some Euro Architects are Becoming Pessimistic about its Future - 2011-01-12
"Policy makers not only have weakened the functioning of monetary union, but have also called into question its very survival"

More Clues Of China's Real Estate Bubble - 2011-01-12
We've already seen "Chinese ghost cities, rickety buildings, and a construction spree that makes our own unionized labor force seem positive antiquated." It's time to add empty malls to the list.

"Don't Believe What's Said About the Debt Ceiling" - 2011-01-12
There is "much misinformation and grossly misleading talk about what will happen if the federal debt ceiling isn't increased..."

Housing Shock: We Just Entered Depression Territory - 2011-01-12
Yet, the housing bulls think we hit bottom long ago...

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