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'Hedge Farmers' Send US Farmland Prices 20% Higher in Q1 - 2011-06-03
Hedge fund managers, stressed-out execs, and doom 'n gloomers alike are all buying up farmland...

Housing Market Will Weigh on US Economy For Years - 2011-06-03
Analyst Greg McCoach explains why owning physical metals is all you can do to protect yourself from the terrible and unfortunate economic events that loom in our near future.

Silver Coin Sales Jumped In May, COMEX Inventories Dropped - 2011-06-02
Last month, the U.S. Mint sold 3.65 million American Eagle silver coins. Supply is tight, and some say the Comex is desperate for more bullion...

Stocks Tumble on Dismal Global Growth Outlook - 2011-06-02
Commodities and stocks are all affected by the weakening economy...so what does the future of U.S. equities look like? Chief investment strategist, James Paulsen shares his investing secrets.

Unemployment Disappointment: May Produces Poor New Job Figures - 2011-06-01
According to ADP, the breakdown in jobs added in the month of May are more eye-opening than uplifting.

AMZN Threatens to Leave Calif. Over Sales Tax - 2011-06-01
Amazon.com and other web retailers have long enjoyed an advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses: not paying sales tax. That may be changing...

Stocks Jump on Anticipation of Greek Bailout - 2011-05-31
Rallying prices seen in the stock market today, despite a rough month. See why the DOW went up and which stocks received the best gains (hint: solar really is giving oil a run for its money).

Mark Mobius Warns of Next Financial Crisis; Highlights Risk of Derivatives - 2011-05-31
Mark Mobius, head of Templeton Asset Management, warns that another financial crisis looms...

Google Wants To Turn Your Phone Into A Wallet - 2011-05-27
Google's latest project aims to create what can only be described as a Paypal-Groupon-Visa hybrid app that runs on your smart phone.

Recession, Inflation, and Wealth Distribution in the U.S. - 2011-05-27
Interesting report from Marc Faber regarding the potential for recession in China, a repeat recession in the U.S. and the threat of hyperinflation.

David Einhorn: Microsoft Suffers From "Charlie Brown Management" - 2011-05-26
David Einhorn made a name for himself when he shorted Lehman Brothers before it crashed in 2008. Now the young money manager says Microsft CEO Steve Ballmer has got to go...

How To Finally Rid Ourselves of That OPEC Addiction - 2011-05-25
Where will we turn for help as the U.S. government plans to rid us of our nasty OPEC addiction?

Bill Gross on Debt: The Future of Treasuries and Commodities - 2011-05-25
See what American financial manager and investment author Bill Gross has to say about treasuries. Is the commodity phenomenon here to stay? Or, will inflation eventually go down?

The Last 200 Years of World Progress Visualized - 2011-05-25
Amazing data visualization. Researcher shows the world's health and well being (by country), over the last 200 years.

Commodities Rise as Goldman Recommends Buying - 2011-05-24
Goldman Sachs has changed its mind after cautioning investors against commodities in mid-April. They seem to be confidently encouraging it now. See why...

EU Debt Situation Heating Up - Greek 10-Year Bond Near 17% - 2011-05-24
When a country's finances are not in order, the bond market responds by demanding a higher "yield" on its debt. Greek 10-year bonds are yielding around 17%...

Mauldin: US Debt Supercycle Coming to an End - 2011-05-23
In this video, economist and author John Mauldin talks about the end of the US Debt Supercycle.

Silver and Gold Hold Steady on a Bad Day for Stocks - 2011-05-23
Stocks dipped, gold gained slightly. Silver inched up to just over $35/ounce. Precious metals continue to consolidate after the recent correction.

The Road to You Know Where - 2011-05-23
Steve Christ explains why the real economy is still broken and how it will eventually lead to QE3.

Why the Fed Could Tank the Stock Market -- and Your Portfolio - 2011-05-23
With the Fed's $600-billion "Quantitative Easing" program wrapping up, stocks are losing a key tailwind. Here's how it could affect your portfolio.

China Overtakes India as Top Gold Buyer - 2011-05-20
With domestic inflation high and concerns about the dollar, Chinese citizens are increasingly turning to gold...

Food Crisis Stocks 2011 - 2011-05-19
Editor Ian Cooper takes a look at just how severely food prices could rise, given recent floods and a stark warning from a prominent CEO.

China Just Expanded the Rare Earth Quota - 2011-05-19
China has just expanded their quote on rare earth, and even if you already have rare earths in your portfolio, buy more.

LinkedIn Surges In First Trading Day - 2011-05-19
Networking sites are where the money's at these days. LinkedIn's earnings more than doubled in the first quarter...

Bring Out QE3: Philly Fed Plummets - 2011-05-19
The widely followed manufacturing report known as the "Philly Fed" came out horrible, and economic weakness continues to point to further money-printing...

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